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Apparel and Footwear Retail


Dress your business for success.

Where style meets technology:

Streamlined solutions for every step.

Discover how SOFT INTELLIGENCE can offer you the optimal retail solution to
boost, elevate & enhance
your apparel and footwear retail business


Seamlessly Manage Apparel and Footwear:

Explore our state-of-the-art apparel and footwear point of sale software, designed to revolutionize the way you manage and sell your products. With seamless inventory management, personalized customer experiences, and robust analytics, our software is your key to success in the fashion industry. From tracking trends to optimizing sales, we empower you to stay ahead of the competition and delight your customers with every transaction.                 

Three-Dimensional Item Grid

Our three-dimensional item grid option empowers you to effortlessly handle a wide array of apparel and footwear products, including different sizes, colors, styles, and brands. Additionally, grid-specific pricing allows for elevated prices on larger sizes of items, ensuring flexibility and precision. 

User-Defined Item Profiles

Enhance your purchasing advice and sales analysis by assigning distinct characteristics such as fabric type, seasonal relevance, and collection categorization. These customizable features aid in informed decision-making, ensuring tailored recommendations and strategic sales insights.

Customer Loyalty

Ensure customer satisfaction by harnessing the robust capabilities available to you, allowing for the cultivation of deeper customer connections, encouragement of recurring sales, and enhancement of customer lifetime value. With all the tools necessary at your disposal, craft a smooth and gratifying customer journey.

And More

Looking for a one-stop solution for your apparel and footwear business? Our software solutions have everything you need.  They provide a comprehensive set of features to help you manage your inventory, streamline your sales process, and enhance customer loyalty. With user-friendly interfaces and powerful capabilities, you can take your business to the next level with ease.

Success Is Always In Style!

Explore the extensive range of available features

SOFT INTELLIGENCE has to offer with

NCR Counterpoint and Heartland Retail

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