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Lawn and Garden


Planting Prosperity, Harvesting Growth.

Cultivate Success:  Nurture Your Lawn & Garden Business for Blooming Success!

Discover how SOFT INTELLIGENCE can offer you the optimal retail solution to
boost, elevate & enhance
your lawn and garden business

Growth Begins Here:


Deliver exceptional lawn service and design proposals by presenting quotes to your customers for approval. Once approved, effortlessly convert the quote into an order, automatically committing the necessary inventory for the project. This streamlined process ensures accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding results for your customers' lawn needs.


Simplify the sale of bundled products with our innovative sales kit feature. With just a single click on the sales screen, you can offer customers bundled packages, streamlining the checkout process and saving valuable time for both your staff and customers. This convenient feature not only increases efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience by making the purchase process more straightforward and enjoyable. Say goodbye to manual bundling processes and hello to effortless sales with our sales kit feature.


Utilize our user-defined item fields feature to customize your inventory management according to your specific needs. Add essential details such as botanical names, maximum height and width, sun requirements, and grow care instructions for each item. Additionally, our software allows you to print labels on various mediums, including label stakes, tree tags, and more, providing comprehensive labeling solutions tailored to your garden center's requirements.


Care for your lawn and garden retail business with our software solutions designed specifically for your industry. Our comprehensive platform streamlines inventory management, tracks plant varieties, and optimizes sales processes, giving you the tools to stay ahead in a competitive market. From managing seasonal inventory to offering personalized gardening tips, our software empowers you to provide exceptional customer service and enhance the shopping experience. With features like integrated point-of-sale systems and customizable reporting, you'll have the insights and flexibility to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. Let our lawn and garden retail software solutions be the foundation for your success in this flourishing industry.

Uncover the capabilities of our specialized lawn and garden point of sale software, designed to deliver a complete range of tools and features that streamline operations, optimize inventory management, and enrich customer experiences.

Dig In, Grow!

Explore the extensive range of available features

SOFT INTELLIGENCE has to offer with

NCR Counterpoint and Heartland Retail

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