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Sporting Goods Retail


Gear up for success.

Be the most valuable player in your game:

The ultimate champion in your business!

Discover how SOFT INTELLIGENCE can offer you the optimal retail solution to
boost, elevate & enhance
your sporting goods business


Swing for Success:

Empower your team sporting goods store to achieve championship status with our comprehensive software solutions. Our platform provides the competitive advantage you need to excel, from streamlining inventory management and refining sales strategies to delivering unmatched customer experiences. Whether it's tracking equipment variations, managing custom fan gear production, or executing impactful promotions, our software ensures your success in the industry. Partner with us to elevate your team sporting goods business to unprecedented levels of success.


Maximize your inventory management and sales analysis capabilities with our innovative three-dimensional grid and customizable user-defined profiles. Tailor attributes such as Bat Size, Hitting Style, Release Year, Bat Material, Series, and more to refine your merchandising strategies and boost sales performance. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can achieve excellence in managing your sporting goods inventory and drive revenue growth effectively.


With the SI Sports Plus Module, offer your customers fully customized apparel with the total price upfront, while your organization gains from precision reporting by separating inventory and embellishment services. Allocate sales accordingly to optimize truer margin reporting, ensuring accurate insights into profitability and performance metrics. Further advance your system with the Chipply or OMG team store order import ability.


Utilize customer categories and user-defined profiles to equip your staff with essential tools for expert advice and personalized recommendations, ensuring every visit is a delightful experience for your furry friends. Our software solution also includes robust Accounts Receivable functionality, streamlining payment processes and enhancing overall financial management.


Your specialty store plays a crucial role in supporting small businesses and artisans, showcasing their craftsmanship and creativity to a discerning audience. By championing quality over quantity and providing a platform for niche products, your business contributes to diversity and innovation in the retail landscape. Overall, specialty stores offer a refreshing alternative for shoppers seeking something special, distinctive, and memorable in their retail experience.  Join us and keep specialty special.

Hit Success out of the Park!

Explore the extensive range of available features

SOFT INTELLIGENCE has to offer with

NCR Counterpoint and Heartland Retail

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