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Feed & Seed


Ride the range and wrangle success.

Keeping quality feed for healthy herds in stock: Our solutions hold the reins!

Discover how SOFT INTELLIGENCE can offer you the optimal retail solution to
boost, elevate & enhance
your feed and seed retail business

Consistent Quality Is Our Shared Goal:

Experience the efficiency of our software as it streamlines tasks such as pricing, promotions, and supply management. With intuitive interfaces and customizable reporting tools, you can gain insights into your business performance and identify growth opportunities. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more streamlined, profitable operation.

Empowering Feed & Seed Retail Stores:

End-to-End Solution

Guide your business with our advanced feed and seed point of sale software, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With powerful inventory management features, real-time analytics, and seamless transaction processing, we are your trusted partner in nurturing growth.

Touchscreen HotKeys & Customer Orders

Facilitate the quick sale of a bale of hay via a dedicated hotkey on the point of sale interface, meeting the needs of customers seeking an immediate purchase. Additionally, offer discounted pricing for bulk purchases and organize delivery for a later date, ensuring flexibility to cater to various customer preferences and requirements.

Three-Dimensional Item Grid

Leverage the power of our three-dimensional item grid feature to seamlessly manage a diverse range of seed and feed variants. With this innovative tool, you can effortlessly handle various options such as flavors and packaging choices with unparalleled ease and precision. Streamline your inventory management process and ensure accuracy in handling different variants, allowing you to focus more on growing your business and satisfying your customers' needs.

And More

Elevate your feed and seed retail business with our full solution point of sale software. Seamlessly manage inventory, track sales, and enhance customer satisfaction with precision and ease. Our intuitive system empowers you to keep quality feed and healthy herd needs in stock, ensuring your customers always find what they need. From managing bulk orders to tracking seed varieties, our solution streamlines every aspect of your operation. Experience the future of feed and seed retail management with our comprehensive software, designed to elevate your business and drive success.

Feeding Success Together!

Explore the extensive range of available features

SOFT INTELLIGENCE has to offer with

NCR Counterpoint and Heartland Retail

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